Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Balmi Lip Balm Review

I was recently in my local boots when I spotted the Balmi lip balms. I was eager to buy one as I have always wanted to try one of the Eos Lip balms which unfortunately we can't get in the UK! I picked up the Raspberry one and decided to give it a try!

This retails for £4.99 and as far as I am aware is only available in boots stores and on the boots website. It isn't too bad a price although a bit more expensive than my trusty Carmex and Blistex Relief Cream! It's in a round sphere like shape and is really easy to apply!

What the website says...'The new Balmi Lip Balm has been designed to not only provide moisturisation for your Lips but also protection from harmful UVA rays'...it does contain SPF 15!

 What I think...I love the smell of the lip balm it really is a strong Raspberry smell and I think you get a lot with 10.5 grams of product for the Price. 
I have found that it does moisturise your lips quite well although it doesn't last very long and is more of a quick fix for if you're lips are feeling a bit dry! 

The Balmi comes with a little key chain or mobile phone charm chain attached so it's really handy to attach to your keys. You can also remove it if you'd prefer not to have it!

Balmi also comes in mint, strawberry and coconut!

All in all I like the product but I think I will be sticking with Carmex in the future!


  1. Oh my it looks sooooo cute!!!:) Adorable:)

    1. It's lovely! Thank you for the comment! Would love a follow for a follow back? I'm new to all this! :)

  2. I've seen a few people reviewing these lately and they look lovely :) xxx.

  3. Oooh really? I hadn't heard anything about them before I bought it! Glad I found it though, don't feel like I need an Eos one anymore! :)

  4. I love thesee, i have the strawberry one, can you subscribe to my blog? i am DEFINITLEY subscribing to yours,love your photographyy! <3