Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Instagram Challenge!

I'm taking part in the Instagram Photo a Day challenge throughout January and I'm challenging you to all do it too! There are loads of different versions out there but I've just chosen one to do! I chose this one because it had a few beauty related days in there :)

Here's mine!

You can check out all my latest instagram posts on the right hand side of my post where my instagram is linked with my blog :). Share this page and get everyone involved and also leave a comment with your blog link and instagram user name so that I can follow you and check out your photo challenge too :)

Lauren :O) x


  1. wow. why have ~I only just heard about this on the 3rd Jan! Sounds fun!


  2. What is your instagram user name I will follow you :) followed your blog too! Trying to find some fellow blogging friends :)

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