Thursday, 3 January 2013

Project Pan

Going in to the new year I always try and have a bit of a clear out to make space for the bits and bobs I got for Christmas!

This year I realised I have a serious lack of space for the amount of make up and beauty products I own!

My first thought was...'I need to invest in more storage'. I then realised how silly to spend more money on more storage so that I could spend more money on more products to put there! Especially when I have products galore all backed up!

Which takes me to 'Project Pan'. I have decided that I'm going to start using up these products before I buy anything else! When one bottle of Shampoo is gone I will use the next or purchase a new one if I don't have any others, and so on for all the other products!

 When it comes to make up I have decided to literally 'hit pan' before I can buy for example a new blush or bronzer.

It's a win win situation really. I'm saving myself money and space and at the same time im properly using products so I can give a decent 100% review and opinion on them!

I will post my progress on here and hopefully it will give me a bit of encouragement to actually stick with it!

Image - My own :)
Lauren :)

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  1. Sounds clever- I'm going to give this a go :)
    Great blog by the way