Friday, 17 January 2014

Barry M Smokin' Hot Shadow & Blush Palette Review's something I purchased a few months ago, but only at the weekend when I used it again did I think about reviewing it.

On the whole when someone mentions Barry M to me I think of affordable Nail Polish, not eye shadow palettes.
I love their nail varnishes but haven't really tried any of their makeup before, apart from a bronzer. Which after one month of being opened went a strange grey colour. Needless to say, I chucked it out and didn't think about it again!

When I saw this in Boots I swatched the tester and decided to give it a go.I was drawn in right away as I thought it unusual for Barry M but also because I'm a sucker for a smokey eye!

Here is what it looks like. Plain black, tough cardboard with a magnetic lid. Keeps it affordable. Does the job well.

As you can see you get 6 shadows and one blush.

 I love these eye shadows, they're all well pigmented and apply easily.
The only one I have found less so is the matte black shade, it needs quite a lot of building up to get a strong colour. This is the only matte shade.

The shimmery shades are lovely, and have the 'shiny/wet' look about them when they're applied.
The darker grey and black shade have much chunkier glitter/shimmer in them which would usually put me off but actually they have a really nice effect.

The blush is a gorgeous peachy pink colour. Again very pigmented, although I found the formulation of this quite chalky (which I actually expected of the shadows not the other way round).

The palette also comes with a double ended sponge applicator which I discard. Not because there is anything wrong with it, simply because I have no use for it.

I've used the palette a bunch of times, especially for nights out. I can't say I use the blush as I have much nicer ones in my stash but for the money you really can't complain.

 Overall Barry M have done well on this one. You can also get the palette in two other themes, the Glamour Puss and the Natural Glow palette and they're available for £6.49 in boots.
Lauren :-) x


  1. I don't know who actually uses those spongey applicators in drug store eyeshadow palettes?!

    Regardless, the colours look lovely for a smokey eye and that blush is lovely xx

    Candy Cosmetics

    1. No me neither!! Maybe when I was young and extremely new to makeup. I think they're naff, they'd be better upping the price a tiny bit and putting in a brush I think! x