Saturday, 4 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Review

Back with my first review of 2014 *claps for me for being organised*.

Let's get into it!

Maybelline Baby Lips were a complete hit for me. I know they were a love it or hate it thing but on the whole I was impressed with them. It was only the packaging that let me down really!

However, now we've seen the arrival of one of their new products 'Baby Skin'. An Instant Pore Eraser.

 The main reason I decided to buy this was because I am a huge fan of Benefit Porefessional...I just can't afford to be buying it all the time so I'm always on the lookout for a cheaper alternative!

What Maybelline say - 'Pores appear instantly erased for smooth-looking skin'

Firstly the packaging...not my favourite if I'm honest. Similar to the Baby Lips, I think it appeals more to younger teenagers. Very bright though and certainly catches your eye on the shelf.
 One thing I do like though is the nozzle...much cleaner and saves the end of the tube from turning in to a sticky mess!

The product itself differs hugely from The Porefessional...It's much thicker in consistency and is more like a cloudy/clear gel.

It applies really nicely, and feels smooth on your skin. It even goes on nicely over my dry skin but it's actually fairly matte so I think It would work well for people of all skin types. Which actually is one of the things I like it for more than the that one dries out my skin a little!

Without a doubt this products makes your pores appear smaller, and also makes foundation application much easier.
 I wouldn't use it on it's own but underneath makeup I think it makes a fantastic base and I will definitely be using this up. I still think I'll hang on until it's all gone to see which I prefer of the two. 

Maybelline Baby Skin is available in Superdrug and Boots for £7.99 at the moment, but every time I have been in since buying mine it has been sold be quick!

Let me know your thoughts too!
Lauren x


  1. I'm also a massive fan of Porefessional and also can't afford to keep buying it so I'm really looking forward to buying this the next time am in Boots.

    Shauni Brown

  2. I bought this and really love it... I don't know if it properly makes my pores smaller but it definitely works great as a primer and base for my foundation. It makes my foundation go on so much easier and makes it last truly all day x
    Candy Cosmetics | Beauty Blog

  3. As a massive fan of the Porefessional and as someone who can't afford to keep buying it, I'll definitely look out for this!
    Rosie x
    RosieLM Beauty Blog

    1. The price really lets the Porefessional down doesn't it. Such a shame because it is good! I pick up the porefessional mini tester tubes as often as I can! I'll go check out your blog :-) x

  4. I went to to boots today and tried it on my hand and I love it!!! It was sold out in boots and superdrug though!

    1. Yeah it is sold out a lof of places! You can order click and collect online at superdrug and they get it in store for you for free =) x