Sunday, 16 February 2014

Perfume Love - Rihanna Rogue

Back again, this time with a perfume post!

This is a perfume I tested on it's first launch date in Selfridges before Christmas. I completely fell in love with it straight away. The whole day I kept on getting this waft of scent and I couldn't get enough!
My boyfriend obviously remembered about this and bought me it for Christmas.
I decided I had to blog about it as I've been using it every day and am always being complimented on it!

I have the Eau De Parfum so the scent is really long lasting and I usually only re spray once throughout the day. This is probably why I've barely used any so far despite wearing it almost every day!

I'm no perfume scent whizz but to me Rogue is a musky, powdery & peachy scent (although none of the notes are peach)! It also has a slight vanilla & Jasmine smell to it too which are both scents I love. 

'Rogue by Rihanna has the following notes: (top notes) Flirtatious petals of Lemon Blossom and Cyclamen are brightened with Bergamot and spiced with Pink Peppercorn; (middle notes) Jasmine, Rose and Muget fused together with Juicy Plum and Suede; (base notes) Sandalwood, Patchouli and Golden Amber surround decadent Vanilla and Sensual Musk.' 
(Find the original source of this description here)

I also really adore the packaging! Leather look lid and spike studs...perfect! It's bulky but great!
I recommend everyone go and try this and see how it smells on you! I have the 75ml bottle but I believe it's also available in 30 and 125ml.

Lauren x

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