Friday, 21 February 2014

The TMI Tag

I recently saw Chloe from Chloe's Way do this tag and I really enjoyed her post so decided to do it myself. I've had a lazy day at home today, so the perfect chance to go through all 50 questions! Here's The TMI Tag.

Let's get in to it!

1. What are you wearing?
Right now I'm in Grey Jersey skinny joggers and a Forever 21 loose Vest top! It's a comfy home day!

2. Have you ever been in love?
Yes I would say twice. Once before and now with my current boyfriend of 2 1/2 years :)

3. Have you ever had a terrible break up?
I've had 2 break ups in the past and both were not without their dramas but amicable in the end. I think every break up comes with a little bit of 'terrible'.

4. How tall are you?
Tiny! I'm a titchy 5'2 and was often bullied in school for my height! As my mum always reminded me though 'the best things come in small packages' :).

5. How much do you weigh?
I don't often weigh myself to be honest as we don't have scales in the house! The last time I checked I was 7 stone and had been that weight for about 5 years so probably still the same.

6. Any tattoos?
Currently no. I have played with the idea sooooo many times but each time I end up not sure whether I want one or not, and hence come to the conclusion that if I'm not sure then it mustn't be the right time for one!

7. Any Piercings?
Zero! Never had them through school due to a very strict dress code and just never got round to having my ears done.

8. Your OTP (One true pairing)
Gosh I had to think of this one. I'd have to say either Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake as Jamie and Dylan in friends with benefits. Or going way back now Brody and Lauren in the Hills!

9. Your Favourite Show?
I don't actually watch television that often. Aside from the soaps I really enjoy Greys Anatomy and I'm a sucker for Catfish on MTV!

10. Favourite Band?
I'm more of a soloist fan my self, some of my favourites at the moment are Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, John Newman and Beyonce.

11. Something you miss?
Quite simply and without a doubt, my Grandparents.

12. Favourite Song?
At the moment it's 'Lay me down' by Sam Smith. He has a beautiful voice.

13. How old are you?
I'm 22 :)

14. What Zodiac sign are you?
I'm a Cancer

15. Qualities you look for in a partner?
Someone who can make me laugh. Easy to get a long with and someone who is accepting of my huge family too! Someone who has their own interests and hobbies and has both a tough and a soft side. Am I asking too much?

16. Favourite Quote?
I actually don't have a favourite I don't think.

17. Favourite Actor?
Has to be Will smith :)

18. Favourite colour?
I'm a pink person most definitely

19. Loud Music or Soft?
I think both have their time and place. But for most occasions...somewhere in the middle. Although occasionally in my car I'll have it loud!

20. Where do you go when you're sad?
My bed!

21. How long does it take you to shower?
I think I take longer to shower than the average person. I always make sure I have enough time as usually I'm in there a good 30 minutes!

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I have my showers in the evening so the mornings aren't too much of a rush. I'd say at the most about an hour. I'm always pottering about doing other things in between getting ready.

23. Ever been in a physical fight?
No. I really dislike violence.

24. Turn on?
Most definitely scent. Someone who smells good (Y)

25. Turn off?
I like a little bit of confidence in the opposite sex, but too thank you!

26. The reason you started blogging?
I didn't really have a hobby other than makeup and beauty and reading other blogs, watching youtube etc. None of my friends share this interest so I needed an outlet for it and also somewhere I could meet like minded people. Which is why I decided to start my blog :)

27. Fears?
I have a terrible phobia of being sick. Spiders too...cliche but a genuine fear.

28. Last thing that made you cry?
I'm an emotional person so I cry...a lot! I cried about 2 nights ago from being in pain (currently an ongoing struggle with my health).

29. Last time you said you loved someone?
Last night before I went to bed, on the phone to Joe!

30. Meaning behind your blog name?
Lauren and Zetta are my first and middle names. The 'Little' came in firstly because I'm so titchy and secondly I thought 'Little Lauren Zetta' rolled nicely off the tongue haha!

31. Last book you read?
'Vortex' by Julie Cross. She's a great author.

32. The book you're currently reading?
'Paper Towns' by John Green. Another great author. Love all his books!

33. The last show you watched?
Loose women haha. It's my day off and a bit of daytime tv always goes down a treat.

34. Last person you talked to?
My Dad. He came in my room about 5 minutes ago to ask if he could throw away my old Wellies :)

35. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
My boyfriend.

36. Favourite food?
Gosh there's so many. Pizza, chocolate brownies...all the bad stuff hehe.

37. Place you want to visit?
I'd love to travel around America.

38. Last Place you were?
Around 3 hours ago I was at the garage picking up my now repaired car. Yay!

39. Do you have a crush?
My boyfriend :)

40. Last time you kissed someone?
The last time I saw my boyfriend which was at the weekend boooo :(

41. Last time you were insulted?
A few weeks ago while at work the girl I look after (I look after twins age 1 and a 3 year old) said to me 'why have you got some chicken pox on your face' haha does this count? Kids are too honest!

42. Favourite flavour of sweet?
I always eat the green ones first. Lime?

43. What instruments do you play?
None at this moment in time.

44. Favourite piece of Jewellery?
Either my diamond 18th birthday ring from my mum or my pearl Tiffany bracelet from Joe which he got me last year for Valentines :)

45. Last sport you played?
Does dancing count?

46. Last song that you sang?
'Money on my mind' by Sam Smith

47. Favourite chat up line?
Oh goodness. Not very educated on these!

48. Have you ever used it?

49. Last time you hung out with anyone?
Last Sunday.

50. Who should answer this tag next?
I'd love to see everyone do this tag! In particular though I will tag my lovely friend Kirstie from Kirstie-Louise!

Leave your links to yours down below so I can go and check them out :-) 

Lauren x 

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  1. Can't believe you like the green ones haha! You're the only person I know that does that! Also I now think I need to start reading john greens books! So many people are reading them ATM! Xx