Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Asda Dry Shampoo Review

Hello lovely ladies (and men if you're reading)
I'm back with a quick review today.

Last week on the way home from my gym class, I stopped in at Asda as I needed some dry shampoo! 
When it comes to dry shampoo I am very loyal to Batiste. I have tried all kinds of cheaper and more expensive alternatives but Batiste always comes out on top for me.

I noticed however, that Asda had brought out their own range, and If I'm honest it was the packaging that drew me in to begin with. .
I believe they released this a few months ago, possibly even in 2013, however my local Asda have only just begun to stock it. 

So, how was it? 
Well quite honestly I would describe it as being 'good'. Not brilliant but not awful. It smells lovely much nicer than the Batiste Tropical version in my opinion. It doesn't leave all the white marks in your hair like Batiste does which is a plus point.

It did seem to keep the greasy hair look at bay for a little while but to be honest I didn't think it lasted very well and by the end of the day my hair felt really heavy and gritty with it all.

I think for £1 a bottle you can't go wrong and it's a great buy for students and people on a very low budget. However for £2 extra I think I will definitely be sticking with my trusty Batiste!

Lauren xo


  1. how do you get the things on the side

    1. With hours of hard work. I don't think I could explain it all it would take me at least an hour to even begin to explain. You just have to search on google and it's all trial and error I'm afraid x