Saturday, 24 May 2014

Current Shower Favourites!

Ok, so the winter months have dwindled away along with evenings soaking in a bubble bath.

I thought I'd share three of my favourite shower products at the moment with you!

1. Soap&Glory Scrub of your life - I'm not usually a fan of body scrubs as even with moisturising they usually leave my skin really dry and worse than it was to begin with. I love this Soap&Glory one though. It feels really luxurious and even lathers really well in the shower. My skin feels so much softer after using this, even without a body butter. Although, I have to admit I usually pair it with the Soap&Glory Butter Yourself moisturising lotion.
2. Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo - A few weeks ago I picked this up in Asda without looking. I was rushing around and needed a new shampoo. I saw this on offer on the end of the aisle so decided to just throw it in my basket. This shampoo leaves my hair smelling amazing and I have also found that I'm going longer between hair washes after using this as my hair doesn't get greasy as quickly. I'm already on to my second bottle. A big thumbs up from me!

3.Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - I have seen this product on a lot of blogs. I have always been quite sceptical as I have read mixed reviews about it. In my honest opinion, in the five weeks I have been using it I haven't notice my hair grow any more than usual. However, after using this my hair is sooooo soft and smells lovely with a lingering scent! It leaves the ends of my hair looking great so I figure it's at least doing some good by preventing the ends breaking off!

Lauren xo

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