Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Fun Weekend!

This weekend my boyfriend and I headed to Morecambe (about 20 minutes away from us) and had a nosey around the Catch The Wind, Kite Festival. Morecambe is our nearest little seaside town!

It isn't my usual choice of activity for the weekend, but the sun was shining and quite honestly we didn't have much to do.

Long story short, we ended up having a great day. Morecambe was really busy but there was a nice atmosphere. There were loads of things to see (mainly kites), live music, deck chairs, cute little food and craft stalls and circus performances! 

We even found ourselves witnessing a sinking sand incident/rescue by the coastguard. Initially quite scary....turned humorous when we realised all the boy was worried about was the fact he had lost his trainers to the sands!

The weather was amazing. Much hotter than we had anticipated and dressed for and Joe ended up with sun burn. Not good! 

I'd really recommend everyone checking out some local events that are happening around your local towns for a bit of something different to do when you're stuck for ideas.

It worked out great for us this weekend and maybe it would for you too!

 Oooh sneaky photo of Joe!

I hope you've all really enjoyed your weekend as much as I have!
Lauren xo


  1. Looks amazing!
    love these pictures:))
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    1. Thank you! Of course I will :-) don't forget to follow with the links in my side bar, I will go and follow now :) Are you on twitter? x